Introducing ‘Hide&Seek – the My Hour in Nature Project’

Ideas abounding with wild inspiration;

I’m inspired by getting people out into nature, outside and experiencing the incredible world that we live in. I’m very aware of just how isolated from the natural environment we can become when we work long hours in air conditioned offices, go home to entertainment on demand, buy our food wrapped in plastic, perfect and pre-prepared. Often we live with no sense of place, or connection to the role we play as organisms in our ecosystem.  We think of humans and our infrastructure/provisions as completely separate from this abstract idea of “nature”.

I’m working with ideas of connection and belonging and in particular the role of nature in our lives. Why should we be aware of our surroundings? whats in it for us? Changing the mindset of our global population to develop a deep respect for, a sense of belonging and in synergy with our environment is the challenge. My ideas thus far are centered around exposing people to strong and powerful experiences, the sort of times where you because acutely aware of whats going on around you, are touched, moved and inspired by the majesty of your surroundings, and your lit up and excited by being a part of it.

Creating and providing these experiences for people is what I am up to.

The Hide&Seek project is a fun and exciting challenge to get you outdoors, in nature, experiencing/being inspired and giving yourself time for reflection, ideas, creativity.

The basic structure is that participants set a challenge for themselves of setting aside a minimum of 1 hour per month to spend time alone in a natural environment  doing whatever you please! think; musing, writing, playing an instrument, watching the clouds, skipping, meandering…

Participants in the challenge then check-in to an online forum/space to log their time, share their experiences/ideas/activities, reach milestones, and set new goals. The atmosphere will be fun, inspiring and adventurous.

Whats in it for us? new experiences, space, connection, sense of place,  fun, prizes, acheivement, health and wellbeing…

Thats where the thoughts are thus far… What do you think? any ideas? what might not work, would work? expand, enchance…

Thankyou!  :)


2 thoughts on “Hide&Seek

  1. I love this idea! Especially working in the city, and living so close to the city, I don’t spend nearly as much time as I’d like to, and should, exploring nature, or relaxing somewhere surrounded by the natural environment. I would very very willing to participate Kat!

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