Celebrating Sustainability

I’m doing an interactive discovery trail for the kids at the Walk the Zig Zag Festival in Kalamunda this weekend.

The theme is ‘Celebrate Sustainability!’.

I have designed it in 6 stations; Winds of Change (Climate Change), The Water Wheel (Water conservation), Taste Buds (Local food), The World Around Us (getting into nature), The Whirligig of Waste (using stuff), and A Breath of Fresh Air (Air quality).

At each station, marked by a colourful pin wheel, there is a sign and something hidden in the bush nearby to find. Once the item is found a stamp can be added to their passports, a complete passport collects a prize :)

The idea is that they get a chance to absorb some information in a fun way but also to stop and look closely at the bush.

Check out the station posters, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!


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