The High Wycombe Bushfire March 13 2011

In which the Howard abode was almost destroyed.

This is how it began.. take note of the lovely bush in its non burnt condition

Getting a little closer...

through the back fence, our first view of flames

and then the wind changed..

This was taken shortly after we needed to evacuate and move the cars out of the driveway so the trucks could get in

getting a bit worried about Chris's car at this point. The smoke, water and ash where getting a little too much..

One of the four helicopters, so close we could feel the wind

Lambertia Crescent

View from the driveway once we where allowed back

The firebreak that saved our skins!

The verge and the firetruck as the sun was going down. They where there all night going around and around the block. amazing.

As we went to bed there where still embers flying around and little fires still alight. But the fire trucks kept watching all night. Such an incredible effort.

Scary stuff!


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