Fremantle Bathers Beach Summer Food Market

The Bathers Beach Summer Food Market in Freo! They are running every Saturday night from now onwards over summer (not Australia Day) just between the maritime museum and the beach, next to Sweetlips/Cicerellos.

It’s a truly beautiful spot, from all angles you can see something lovely, ether the calm Bathers Beach or the maritime museum’s beautiful limestone facade,there is lovely lighting under the trees, and there is plenty of space to sit on the grass or the deck to eat (come prepared to sit on the ground). There were about 15 vendors all up including a coffee van, and a couple of different ones in addition to the usual Perth mobile food merchants including quesadillas, which where exceptional.  Whilst you have probably seen most of the vendors before if you’ve been to the Twilight Hawkers Market in Perth, the location really did make it worth the trip in my opinion. Of course if you live in Fremantle or find the Forrest Chase markets a bit too claustrophobic for you then Saturday night in Freo is the place to get your hawker fix.














We started our adventure with a beverage at Little Creatures to watch the sun set, made our selections at the market and perched on the edge of the deck to enjoy it, feel dangling over the beach and watching the kids splashing in the water, then afterwards walked into Freo for a San Churros hot chocolate to finish off our evening in chocolatey style.

Overall, not much new to try or as much choice as elsewhere but the location made it pretty great. Perfect excuse to head into Freo for a cheap, relaxing dinner on a summers evening.

Click on the pictures to see the rest of the shots I took, on flikr.


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