June 2016

Julie Rutherford – Principal Policy Officer, Department of Sport and Recreation

  1. Experience in the writing and preparation of reports, briefing notes and correspondence.

Katherine has good strong writing skills.  She has been responsible for the preparation of a variety of correspondence, including that of a ministerial nature, project briefs and reports.

  1. Demonstrated verbal communication and interpersonal skills applicable to negotiating with proponents, agencies and the community.  

Katherine’s role has required her to prepare and deliver presentations to industry and colleagues.  She effectively tailors the material  to suit the audience.   She has also undertaken significant policy negotiations on behalf of the department.  These have at times been quite contentious, and Katherine has demonstrated excellent negotiation skills.  She has maintained strong and effective working relationships, whilst also achieving the agency’s desired outcomes.  Katherine has demonstrated the ability to relate to people from a variety of backgrounds and is comfortable interacting with staff across the organisational hierarchy.

  1. Demonstrated ability to research issues, analyse and propose innovative and achievable solutions to complex environmental or planning issues.

One of Katherine’s most significant achievements has been the provision of technical advice in the public parkland component of the Liveable Neighbourhoods review.  She has developed a thorough understanding of the issues  from all perspectives (planning, sport and recreation, water, environment) and identified solutions which meet the needs of all parties.  These issues are both complex and challenging due to competing interests and Katherine’s understanding of all aspects (water, planning and environmental) has enabled her to find effective solutions which are acceptable to all.

  1. Sound knowledge of and experience in the management of complex environmental issues within the context of relevant environmental and planning legislation and policies.

As outlined above, Katherine has applied a thorough understanding if planning legislation and policies.  She has led the agency’s response to the Perth and Peel Green Growth plan and assisted agency staff to better understand environmental policy within the context of this plan.  Katherine’s experience in planning and environment have been evident in her capacity to establish a position for the agency which does not lead to significant conflict with the desired environmental outcomes.

  1. Demonstrated supervisory skills and the ability to work within a team environment.

Katherine works very well in a team environment and has coordinated a number of small multidisciplinary teams in the preparation of agency responses to significant planning policy.  She has also largely worked with little supervision and in doing so demonstrated a capacity to self determine and mange deliver of her work plan.