Curriculum Vitae

Strong, vibrant, inclusive communities grow in shared, green, healthy places – this is my life’s work. I am a switched on, enthusiastic planner with ten years of experience in government statutory assessment and strategic policy development and review.

– I’m particularly excited about parks and open spaces that are vibrant, empowering, connecting places.
– Project and people management is my forte. I’m a problem solver, facilitator and negotiator; working with people keeps me full of energy.
– I’m a calm, confident, vibrant and engaging public speaker
– I have excellent systems thinking, idea generation, and communication skills
– Other than parks planning I have expertise in coastal planning, water quality/integrated stormwater management, and water sensitive urban design.


2004-2010: The University of Western Australia, Crawley, Western Australia. Bachelor of Science (Geography – Urban and Regional Planning & Botany – Ecology)

2010-2011: The University of Western Australia, Faculty of Arts, Crawley, Western Australia. Graduate Certificate in Arts (Economics and Social Sciences)


Employment History

November 2016 – Present: Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (City of Vancouver): Planner II/Project Manager

Project Manager – Parks and Recreation Services Master Plan – VanPlay
I have the exciting task of guiding the City of Vancouver’s Parks and Recreation Services Master Plan, working alongside the fantastic team at Design Workshop, Modus, Lees and Associates, HCMA, Urban Design 4 Health and ETM Associates, Dr Debra Cohen, the City and Park Board colleagues to create the “Best Parks and Recreation Master Plan in the World”.

The final Parks and Recreation Services Master Plan will present a vision for public spaces, places and facilities where people connect with each other, nature and themselves. The Master Plan will envision parks and recreation services that offer equity, reduce barriers, and provide meaningful experiences for the public within the constraints of population growth, changing demographics and increasing land/development costs.

July 2016 – November 2017: Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife – Environmental (Statutory Planning) Officer – Rivers and Estuaries Division

Permit, development and subdivision application assessment, policy/strategic plan development and review, technical assessment of urban water management plans and other strategic water quality management plans to protect the water quality in the Swan and Canning River system and the social and amenity values of the Parks and Recreation Reserve encompassing them.

February 2015 – July 2016: ParklandWA – Project Manager

A collaboration between the Department of Sport and Recreation WA & the Planning Institute of Australia, ParklandWA drives policy development, advocacy and education for the better planning and design of public open space in Western Australia.

One year project to improve provision of public open space (parks) through capacity building, informing policy development, community/industry engagement and advocacy. Facilitate implementation of the State Public Parkland Strategy, policy/guidelines advice and development, advocacy for improved public parkland and to broaden both community and industry understanding about the contribution of public parkland to the various key agendas (e.g. environment, economy, health, safety, and culture)

September 2012 – February 2015: Department of Planning – Senior Planning Officer

Duties: Project lead – Public Parklands/Public Open Space for the review of Liveable Neighbourhoods, and policy coordination and development for documents relevant to the use and management of coastal areas throughout the state, provide technical advice on the implementation of State Coastal Planning Policy (SPP 2.6).

March 2011 – September 2012: The Swan River Trust – Statutory Planning Officer

Duties: Permit, development and subdivision application assessment, policy/strategic plan development and review, community consultation, provide technical advice and assistance to community groups undertaking on ground works in the river park, review of strategic documents (precinct planning, structure plans, planning scheme/MRS amendments, strategic plans, outline development plans etc.).

May 2009 – March 2011: The Shire of Kalamunda – Environmental Planner

Duties: Public open space planning and landscape design, project coordination and management, strategic planning for reserves, implementation of strategies (e.g. Local Biodiversity Strategy), data and budget management, community consultation, development and subdivision planning application assessment, environmental education (program design, management, evaluation, coordination), volunteer program coordination and supervision,

Dec 2007 – May 2009: The Shire of Kalamunda – Land and Property Officer

Duties: Land use planning, leases and licences of Shire owned buildings, management orders/plans for crown land/reserves, GIS projects and analysis, street naming and dedications, development application assessment, subdivision application assessment, planning for pedestrian access ways/parks/reserves, budgeting, community consultation/workshops, environmental consultative group organisation/contribution.

Professional Development

2012: The University of Western Australia – UWA Extension, Project Management Institute. Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

September 2015: The Project for Public Spaces – New York City. Placemaking: Making it Happen.

April 2016: The Planning Institute of Australia – Perth, Western Australia. Planning Engagement Tools and Techniques

Example Project Experience

April 2016: Planning Institute of Australia (WA) submission to the Department of Premier and Cabinet on the Green Growth Plan for Perth and Peel @ 3.5 Million

February 2016: Contributor for The Overflow – Irrigation Australia Industry Magazine “Vibrant Activation! An Introduction to Space Activation and Placemaking”

January 2016: Public Open Space Strategy Guide for Local Governments, Parkland WAMarch 2016: Guest Lecturer Edith Cowan University, Public open space planning and the future of parks planning in Western Australia

December 2015: Public Open Space Planning for Sport and Recreation in the Regions – workshop with Department of Sport and Recreation Regional Managers

November 2015: Speaker 202020 Vision Urban Forest Masterclass: How to grow an Urban Forest

November 2015: Contributor for The Overflow – Irrigation Australia Industry Magazine “Bringing Parks to Life: Current Projects in the World of Strategic Planning for Public Open Space in Western Australia”

August 2015: Contributor for The Overflow – Irrigation Australia Industry Magazine “Bringing Parks to Life: Development of Public Open Space”

March 2015 – July 2016: Project Manager – Green Space Alliance 

February 2015 – July 2016: Working Group  – Healthy Active By Design Checklist, Heart Foundation Western Australia

February 2015 – Present: Technical Adviser – Liveable Neighbourhoods 2015, Department of Planning WA

August 2013 – February 2015: Liveable Neighbourhoods Review, Public Parklands project lead

September 2012 – Guest Lecturer Edith Cowan University, Water Sensitive Urban Design and Statutory Planning for the Swan and Canning Rivers

September 2012 – Review of Planning Bulletin 67 and 87, Guidelines for Wind Farm Development and High Pressure Gas Pipelines

April 2011 – September 2012: Town of Bassendean & Swan River Trust, Precinct Plan (for riverside areas of the Town of Bassendean)

June 2011 – December 2011: Swan River Trust, Review of standard conditions

March 2009 –February 2011: Shire of Kalamunda, Woodlupine Living Stream, Public Open Space Development – Project Coordinator

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