FACET: Delivering the Customer Experience & Creating Ambassadors

WA’s Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism, known by those in the know as FACET, is a great organisation of people brought together with a common interest in cultural, nature based and eco-tourism. They are a fantastic rescource for anyone working in ecotourism.

FACET logo

They often run events, workshops, forums, conferences and the like in Perth. I spotted one that is coming up that you might be interested in!

If you are customer service, a buisness owner or manager, involved in marketing or interested in creating incredible customer experiences then you may be interested in this.

Delivering the Customer Experience & Creating Ambassadors

Venue: WA Conservation Science Centre Building, Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW)

Date:Thursday, 1 August 2013, 1.00 to 5.00pm

 Repeat visitation, customer referrals, free advertising, business ambassadors.  These are all guaranteed when you and your staff focus on the customer’s experience.  It is important to make wise investment decisions about your marketing and to ensure that the experience you offer your customers gets tongues wagging in a good way.
FACET is delighted to offer this half day interactive workshop aimed at guiding participants through the development of an experience that will keep customers coming back and more importantly get them raving about you to their friends and family.

Claire Savage of Savagely Creative will open your eyes to how your customers may view your business and provide you with the tools to ensure that you engage them and keep them loyal to your business.
Claire has over 21 years experience in product development and marketing in the public and private sector.  She has a particular focus on the service industry and has plenty of experience delivering interactive training across Western Australia.
Don’t miss this opportunity to make every customer count!


Zig Zag Festival, Kalamunda

This Sunday marks the annual Zig Zag Festival in Kalamunda.

Its a great festival because all of the kids activities are free (and they are great too)!

11am til 8pm Sunday 28th October 2012, Stirk Park Kalamunda.

I’ll be there dishing our gory fake wounds to the chidren (cuts, buises, burns and other gruseome things) all without pain or payment required.

My Mum will be there also togive you a taste of Art Jamming. Never heard of it? Its your chance to throw some paint at a canvas or create something delicate and pretty without any “art teachers” or “rules”, freedom! Perfect for those with a deep seated love of art but without the time/money/organsiation to go to art classes or have supplies at home (no clean up either!). Art Jamming is free too!

Also, its farmers market day too so you can get your fruit and veg AND a knife wound and come out smiling.

Come and check it out and have fun in the beautiful sunshine (blistering heat).

Photos of the frivolities to come next week :)