Roofs of Green

Check out this fantastic article in ECOS Magazine about Green Roofs; “Green roofs and walls are growing up” by James Porteous.

I adore green roofs and walls, I can’t wait until the day I can have one of my own, I’d be happy to just live near one at this point. They are stunningly beautiful, a great use of space and offer great environmental benefits (increased biodiversity, decreased stormwater run off, habitat, heat dissipation amongst others). The technology has been around for a while but it’s still a major project and I’m not sure how your local government would go assessing it. Hopefully they would take it in their stride but you never know. I remember talking to a building department about a hay bale house (the likes of which have been around for a long long time) and they where quite hesitant to say the least. With initiatives such as Water Sensitive Urban Design becoming pretty much mainstream I’m sure these sort of projects will become more popular with the masses.

Can you imagine what our neighbourhoods would be like covered in a living blanket of green? It sort of reminds me of The Shire in The Lord Of The Rings..




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