Bucket List

There has been a lot of talk about Bucket Lists recently. We’ve been watching the second season of An Idiot Abroad in which Karl Pilkington begrudgingly takes on some of the most common “must do before you die’ adventures. Nicole from Making it Lovely wrote a really lovely list on her blog last week. Andy and April on Parks and Recreation started on Andy’s bucket list.. with hilarious results.

Anyway! It got me thinking :) So I started a list:

(this is just the first things that came to my head, there is bound to be many more)

Camp at Karijini National Park, WA
Go the Antarctic
Fly in a Skybed
Learn French
Have a room in my house with fake lawn as carpet, with really soft underlay
Have a bed-room, all bed.
Be a part of a Japanese Tea Ceremony, in Japan
Be dressed as a geisha in Japan
Climb Mount Kinabalu, Borneo
Build and decorate a doll house, probably for my daughter
Have high tea at a very fancy old hotel in London
Visit the Green Belt Movement headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya
Ride an elephant in Thailand
Visit the Galapagos Islands
Throw a ridiculously pretty garden party
Look into a volcano
Be in America for Halloween
Be a part of Holi festival in India
Have a well kept vegetable garden and have chickens
Talk to David Suzuki and have something intelligent to say
Learn to play the guitar
See a platypus in the wild
See a gorilla in the wild
See the Amazon Rainforest before its gone
Have a house with a green roof or roof garden
See the Phantom of the Opera
Have Chai in Leopold Cafe, Bombay
Go on a camel safari in the desert
Visit Marseille, France
Eat sockeye salmon and go skiing in Vancouver, Canada
Own a lovely wooden boat


So that’s 30 already… if I do only 1 per year then I’ll be 55 before I’ve done all of them! That is a little bit concerning!


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