Walk the Zig Zag











































Some shots I took of the discovery trail at the Walk The Zig Zag Festival.

I had some fantastic people though, the kids asked great questions and really thought about what was going on around them. I was inspired by their sense of adventure and discovery and the ability to stop for a moment to take stuff in. I was expecting that the kids would hardly read the information and jump straight to the clue at the bottom of each, but the parents proved hardest to captivate! The kids where the ones keeping the parents on task. Interesting!

About 50% of the parents took the time to go through the activity with their kids, help them read, explain different concepts and guide them through some of the trickier things to spot.

I think in the future when designing kids activities it is important to take that into account, and aim to capture the imagination of a wider age group.

Any ideas parents!?

The grandparents loved it and really took it on, luckily I had some Kangaroo Paw seeds as prizes which they thought was excellent.

A very successful operation overall. Much fun. I love the colours and the excitement it was such a lovely way of learning.

Life is all about that sense of adventure and I think it is all too easily forgotten.


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